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So, does Liverpool really stink?

By Jeff

And I’m not talking day-to-day ups and downs of a season here, but more the big scope of wins and losses.  

I think any discussion has to begin with the ownership situation.  Have you ever been in a place that was having ownership disruptions?  It throws everybody for a loop.  We all know (or should) that environment greatly influences the actions of individuals.  It stands to reason that a team would struggle when their ownership situation is a mess.  You don’t need to look further than the New Orleans Hornets (13-6 before major ownership issues, 10-10 since then including blowout losses to several bad teams) to see evidence of this on our soil.  

Let’s look at Liverpool before and after the ownership resolution.  The ownership situation was finalized October 15th, 1 win against a bottom feeder (West Brom Albion), draw at home with arsenal, draw at home with a good Sunderland team, a draw on the road against bottom feeder Birmingham and losses to some of the other big boys.  Aside from the home draws with Arsenal and Sunderland, there’s not a lot to feel good about there (1-3-3 start against a fairly reasonable schedule).  Since the ownership situation was resolved? 6 more wins, 1 more draw and 7 more losses.  Tough stuff, but there’s definitely something to the ownership situation being part of the problem.

The statistics seem to show that this stretch has been an improvement.  Their goal differential in the last 14 is at a zero.  They’ve sustained a win over Chelsea and a tight match with Man Utd.  Their home record is 6th best in the league at 6-2-2 with a GD of 9.  On the road, though their GD dips to an atrocious -13 (8 for and 21 against) and they hold the 18th best record in the league.  Being blanked at Man City, Stoke City and Everton (2 of 3 are not exactly the cream of the crop) surely has affect.

With 17 fixtures left and trailing Tottenham Hotspur by 11 points, the season is starting to look lost.  10 of the remaining games are against bottom 10 clubs, so maybe there is some hope to salvage some good results.

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  1. coachsoccer answered: Tough Stuff,problem is when Torres or Gerrard are absent team looks uninspired. Two years same problem. I am WHUFC supporter I know pain!!!
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